How can you use earthquake data to model a convergent boundary between two plates?

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Journal Earth Science Sem 2 Points Possible: 15

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Answer each of the following questions clearly and thoughtfully.

1. Complete the chart below using your household’s typical daily use of energy-consuming

appliances and home electronics such as lamps, television, toaster, microwave oven, washing

machine and so on. (3 points)

Find the wattage of the product. There are three ways to find the wattage a product uses: i. Find the wattage written on the bottom or back of the appliance.

ii. Find the voltage and electrical current draw (in amperes) written on the device or listed in the owner’s manual. Then you use the formula Watts = Amps x Volts to calculate the wattage for the appliance.

iii. Find the wattage for your specific model of an appliance or electronic device by searching online for product details.

In the daily usage column, write down the number of hours your household uses each appliance or electronic device each day. (If you have more than one of certain appliances or devices, indicate how many and calculate accordingly.)

In the weekly usage column, multiply the daily usage by 7.

Find the weekly energy consumption in kWh, using the formula: (Wattage × Hours used per week) ÷ 1000 = Weekly Kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption



9/28/2020 Apex Learning – Journal 2/3

Appliance Wattage (W)

Daily usage (hours)

Weekly usage (hours)

Weekly energy consumption in kWh














The average U.S. household consumed 11,320 kilowatthours (kWh) of electricity in 2009, of which

the largest portion (7,526 kWh or 145 kWh per week) was for appliances, electronics, lighting, and

miscellaneous uses.

2. An ecological footprint measures human demands on the environment.

Does your family use more or less energy than the national average? (3 points)

3. What are three things you could do to reduce your energy consumption? (3 points)

4. Use your numbers from the table to calculate the amount of energy you could save if you

implemented one of your energy conservation ideas over an entire year. How much energy could you



9/28/2020 Apex Learning – Journal 3/3

save? (3 points)

5. What are some ways you could convince your household to start conserving energy with you? (3


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