Hospital Community Potential Interview Managerial Candidate Case Scenario

Preparing for Your Informational Interview Report

This discussion is designed to help prepare you for your Informational Interview experience. The goal of the interview is to obtain an insider’s view of current ethical issues presented in health care management, and understanding how managers utilize ethical principles and strategic efforts to prevent and address them. Address each of the bullet points below

-Share the sector of the health care industry that you are interested in for your career. Hospital Community

-Identify the potential interview managerial candidate you have chosen for your interview, and briefly describe his or her organization or department.

-Preparatory information about your target facility or department that you have begun to gather, as discussed in the presentation.

-Come up with interview questions that will take 20 minutes in time. For example Open –ended questions can’t be answered with a yes or no, Challenge ethical issues presented in health care management, how they utilitze the principles, Behavior questions– what a person does or had done, Opinion questions– what a person thinks about something, Knowledge questions– get at the fact, background questions-put the responses into context. Consider the goal of the interview.

-Review the additional information provided in the presentation. Share the aspects of the interview process you are most comfortable with and what you might consider a personal challenge.

Follow APA guidelines to cite and reference all of your resource materials in your work

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