Homework Help with BIOL 103 – Environmental Biology

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(10 point lab grade) Section – __________

No individual really wants our environment to be destroyed. And there are many who try their
best to do the right thing. But most often we are living excessive lifestyles that are encouraged by our
culture of having more stuff than our neighbors and the dollar is more important than life itself.
Government regulations can sometimes save us from ourselves and help life to run more
smoothly. Like simple rules of driving on the right side of the road or requiring factories to control their
pollution. High taxes on gasoline would reduce the use and those taxes could be used for public
transport. The more populated and complex our global society becomes, the more we need to get
organized and make rules that will save us from excessive environmental destruction that may benefit
the owner but is harming other people and wildlife.

A democracy works well when voters are EDUCATED about the issues and those who are running
for office. The voting turnout for local elections is often below 30%. American democracy would work
MUCH better if we all remember that local, state and national environmental regulations are ALL
important and we need to learn and to vote. Our local water & air quality, preservation of ecosystems
and our health rely on local government as well as national government.

1. Find out what “Tragedy of the Commons” means and describe how this relates to “good”
government controls. (1point)

2.. Go to this Virginia Department of Elections website http://elections.virginia.gov/ (or go to your own
state) and explain how you can cast an absentee vote when you need to. (1point) (REGISTER TO VOTE if
you have not done so.) – Use my home state – Virginia

3. Nov 5, 2019 is voting day. Find ballot info through
https://ballotpedia.org/Sample_Ballot Lookup You do NOT have to give your email or home address –
just your zip code will give a lot of info PRINT & attach the chart that shows the actual “My ballot”
names. (2 points) – Use my Zip Code “20132”

4. Choose a pair of important Virginia candidates that are from different political parties and running for
the same office from your ballot. (mayor? senator? Governor?) Name them, find their websites to find
any information you can on how each stands or how they have voted on environmental issues. This
question is worth 60% of this grade. So I expect that you will have a list of at least 4 important
environmental stances for EACH of the 2 opposing candidates you choose
. You may cut and paste a
summary of their stance & what they plan to do. You may have to call or email their office to find out
where they stand – on climate change, water quality, fossil fuels, pesticide use, air pollution,
environmental education etc
. Ask them to send a written statement to your email, unless they have it
posted online. You are a voter and have the right to know.

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