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Communication PlanPart of the planning process is creating a communication plan document. The communication plan is a detailed outline of your public health campaign and includes all the elements from planning, communications, marketing, and public relations to evaluation. It is also an iterative process and you must be willing to make adjustments to the plan as necessary.For this Application Assignment, use the Communication Plan Guidelines handout located in this week’s learning resources to begin drafting Part I of the Communication Plan. You will complete the remaining parts throughout the weeks of this course. Please note the completed Communication Plan will be due in Week 10.Submit the assignment: Part I: Public Health Campaign (3–4 pages) by Day 7Your Communication Plan is the document which outlines all the elements of your public health campaign to help guide you in its facilitation. Please use this document as an outline to complete your Communication Plan. Use the learning resources and the current literature to support your Communication Plan.Part I: Public Health Campaign (3-4 pages) Briefly describe the public health issue you selected and justify your selectionIdentify the audience you wish to targetJustify the target audience you selectedBriefly describe and justify the theory in which you will use to support your campaignExplain the initial methods you plan to use to create your public health campaign and explain why you selected those methodsBriefly describe your goals for implementing a public health campaign (creating social change, changing behavior, increasing awareness, etc.)Public Health Campaign Websites  “Are you looking for this answer? We can Help click Order Now”

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