hamric s model ethics core competency

This week, you will learn about the last competency—ethical decision making. You will learn about the ethical concerns of an APRN, which are more complex and challenging because many APRNs function within an interdisciplinary model, where they work as part of a team (National Organization of Nurse Practitioners, 2006). Therefore, team consensus is important and effective communication and collaboration skills are essential for making ethical decisions.

The following documentary, The Invisible Patients (2016), will demonstrate the many professional issues and ethical dilemmas that exist for one APRN. Her journey could be your journey one day. Consider the concept of Nurse Practitioners being Disruptive Innovators. What does that mean?

Nurse Executive/Administrator (NE/NA*) visit AONE

Nurse Educator (CNE*)visit Master’s Education in Nursing and Areas of Practice

Your Learning Objectives for the Week:

  • Compare and contrast regulations of states in which you currently practice or may plan to practice
  • Identify professional organizations that you belong to and ones that are related to your selected role.
  • Discuss historical ethical dilemmas and identify role of ethics in your selected role.
  • Describe the interaction and interview with an AP nurse


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