Guidelines for Writing a Philosophy Essay

Prologue and ending

Prologue refers to the foreword of the essay topic in which you tell the reader what the essay is all about. It also includes the thought on which it is based as well as the organization of your essay. For example if your paper is supporting the view point of Descartes, then you should write the comparison between the views of Descartes and Berkeley. Afterwards talk about the importance of Descartes vision, including the strengths. While summing up the essay it is better to start with something like “to end, I would like to mention that on the basis of the comparison made it can be concluded that the view point of “X” is better than “Y” or” Z”.

The body

The second most important part of the essay is the body or the main text which holds the central theme of the paper. In this, you first write about the essential points to be discussed and then you make comparison and assess them. Always give the significant points a sense of questioning i.e. begin them with what and how. Thrash out why and how the philosopher’s view stands out but avoid being judgmental. In the comparison, you are only supposed to tell how and where the two views are at variance. When it comes to evaluation, make sure that you have pinpointed the right supporting idea to support and hence describe its significance. Now at this stage you can critically assess the views and for this reason all your disparagements should be new and unique. The examples that you are using should also be strong enough to hold up the view better.

Things to consider

It is indispensable that you avoid making grammatical mistakes and double check the work done. Try to write brief and concise sentences in   order  to maintain the exactitude of the  essay . Go through the whole text twice so that you get to know the general errors contained in the main body, the prologue or the ending part. Make certain that the points you have discussed are assigned to the philosopher in the right direction. Last but not the least; clarify the position that you hold i.e. supporting either of the two views.

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