Grantham University HIV Community Health Paper


Term Paper Rubric

Component Requirement

Cover Page

APA Cover Page (Title, Name, Date, Class, Instructor).

Quality of Content Approximate Weighted Value:


The final term paper is 10-15 pages in length, not including cover and reference page. The paper will consist of concise examinations of a specific topic relative to the course content. Term papers should demonstrate a synthesis and integration of public health and the specific chosen topic concepts correctly and in an innovative way.

Saint Leo Core Value


At least 250 words of the total length of the paper is devoted to the application of the Saint Leo core value of excellence on your chosen topic through the creation of a community health improvement initiative proposal.

Technical Writing (20%)

Proper writing mechanics, paraphrasing, use of quotations, proper grammar, spell check, and transitioning between subsections. Writing should be original, well paraphrased, and properly cited.

APA Paper Formatting (5%)

APA formatting is doubled-spaced, 1” margins, using proper headings and subheadings, with proper source citations on all statistics, numbers, concepts, or graphics borrowed from another author.

Reference Quality (5%)

A minimum of 5-primary or quality secondary sources that are dated, by reliable authors, or organizations. Proper references must include the author/organization, year published, title, and publication source as appropriate in APA. The reader should be able to easily find that primary source references used.

Paper Submission

All students will submit their papers to the course Assignment box. The Assignment box is integrated with Turnitin. Please read the Academic Honesty policy. A plagiarized document will result in a minimum penalty of an “F” for the paper (zero points).


Papers will be due 11:59 PM Sunday EST/EDT in Module 7. Late work may cost up to (-5%) of total points earned.

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