Genetics Lab report – Mendelian Genetics

Genetics Lab report – Mendelian Genetics

Need someone helps me do the lab report.

All requests are in the uploaded file.

Please strictly follow the required format.

The format and requirements of the lab report are in Lab Report writing aid.pdf, please read carefully and strictly follow the required format.

The experimental method is in GeneticsLab.PDF, please note that In your written lab report, after the methods you need to do/provide the following:

1. A list of the genotypes in each of the parental (P1), F1 and F2 generations.

2. A description of the phenotypes expected in the F1 and F2 generations.

3. Your completed data table for your 30 F2 generation offspring, including a summary of the total number of each genotype and phenotype, and a calculation of the ratios of the observed F2 genotypes and phenotypes.

4. Contrast the phenotypes observed in the F1 and F2 generations. Provide an explanation for your individual F2 generation results based on the 30 offspring. Include in your answer, the phenotypic ratio that you might have expected in the F2 generation. If your answer differed from this theoretical ratio, explain what might have caused this.

5. Provide a summary of the group genotype and phenotype data in the second table. Calculate the genotype and phenotype ratios for these total group data. Is the phenotypic ratio now closer to your expected value? If so, what might explain this?

Experimental data in the pictures, two of the tables are the second part, and one table is the first part about black and yellow.

About corn part, we just got a hybrid corn and count the numbers of each type of kernel on it, there are two type: black and yellow.

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