foundley pre made templates and quality assurance

Foundley is a company that enable all students to get access to career-relevant work experience, with cool companies, in a quick and simple manner.
Please make a draft and do the following.
*pre-made templates. for some specific projects/tasks. Those templates should be in a form of case interviews for consulting, which enable easy submission, easy evaluation, and most importantly a clear, structured outcome. The goal is to save companies time, give them an idea of what kind of tasks/projects they can post and to make sure students receive all information needed.
We’re asking you to help us with the following:
1. Identify the main tasks for which templates should be created. Whether it is competitor analysis, market research, benchmarking, etc.
2. Create task/project submission templates for companies
3. If needed, create a task/project submission template for startups
4. Develop an evaluation sheet with the most important criteria to evaluate.
Quality Assurance.
Quality Assurance: The quality of work delivered needs to be monitored and assessed. The main question is, who should take the lead? Should Foundley guarantee a high quality of deliverables and therefore do quality assurance of every task delivered by a student, or should this be an option proposed to companies? In case Foundley has to monitor the work students deliver, what would be the most efficient process of doing so?

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