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* Last pages are the resources you can choose for the analysis

Newspaper Analysis

Name_______________________________    Date ____________

Buy and read 1 English language newspaper (or a language you can read, of course) aimed at a specific single group studies.  Ethnic, religious, gay or lesbian, disability or any other marginalized or “other” group.

Please do not select “The Irish Times” if you are Western European. Do not read one from your own religion.   If you have a held bias ( we ALL do BTW) select a newspaper from THAT group!

Complete this critical analysis.

Name of the publication: _________________________________________ *PROVIDE LINK IF DIGITAL

1. Which paradigm does this publication speak from, editorially? Explain how you know.



2. How many articles with a:

A. Political base ___B. Arts focus ___C. Cultural focus (accomplishments/news) ____

D. Educational __E. How many ads for jobs not specific to the culture ___

F. How many ads for general services ___G. How many  personal ads____

3.  Could you detect a special focus in this paper? Describe and reflect on why.


4. General summary: What did you learn?  Give me a critical analysis.  How will this new data inform your practice?
















Newspaper Analysis
Name: August Galloway / Foundations/ Date 4/2/12

Name of the publication: The Circle, Native American News and Arts

1. Which paradigm does this publication speak from, editorially? Explain how you know. This paper has a Single Studies Group Paradigm as it focuses on the American Indian Communities, and their experiences, politics and events, specifically that of Minnesota.  For example articles about Rep. Susan Allen, the first Native American Women to serve in the MN State Legislation, American Indian students who are wining education awards and about tribal innovations in recycling and waste disposal.

There is an element of Social Reconstructionism also to this paper as there is a lot political discourse, in particular of those items that have historical roots and the implications of this events on present day circumstances.  There is examination of what should be done to strengthen the people and correct past discrepancies to the race.  Some of the suggested reforms are controversial in nature, including for the white culture in Minnesota, but even within the American Indian community itself, which calls for critical thinking and collaborative problem solving. Examples that reflect this paradigm would be an article discussing the use if Indian names as college sports mascots – some tribes are OK with it, and some are not, and about tribal members different perspectives and validity of Tribal Elections.

2. How many articles with a:

A. Political base: 17

B. Arts focus: 2

C. Cultural focus (accomplishments/news): 10

D. Educational: 4

E. How many ads for jobs not specific to the culture: 10

F. How many ads for general services:  22

G. How many personal ads: 0

3.  Could you detect a special focus in this paper? Describe and reflect on why. I think the focus I got from the paper was the publicizing the issues that effect Indian people and Indian lands- both historically and currently.  Much of this has political slant, since it involves negotiating with state and federal governments.  There were a few articles about elections and how they are of importance to the people, again both internally and externally. I think that while people in general know that the Indian community has had a lot of political disadvantage in the past, this paper has served to explain many of those issues in a way that the internal community can understand and therefore have a voice and cause to stand up for. I was pleased to see an editorial from the Minneapolis Schools Superintendent that was obviously reaching out to the community to garner support for the success of the students.  I had a copy of the Circle from a year ago and there was also an editorial from this same Superintendent, which leads me to believe this is a regular feature of this paper. The one thing I saw that I have never seen before was a official legal notice to 3 different parents that they were being called into court for a review of their parental rights.  It seems that these parents were not reachable in any other way, so it was served in this public manner.  Reminded me when I lived in Ely off the “grid” and the local radio station delivered messages to people at a specific hour/ day of the week. The paper was overall positive, and I got the impression it wasn’t meant to be “radical” or “conciliatory”; but to put the record straight of what is happening and include the historical roots to those current issues.

4. General summary: What did you learn? I learned that there is a lot of pride and encouragement for Native People to be aware of and to take part in the political issues of the MN Native Communities.  While there were not a lot of articles regarding arts and education, certainly a majority of adds targeted these two areas, including Powwow notices, advertising for public schools and Universities and notices about film screenings.  It was nice to see the non- Indian organizations reaching out to the Native communities, but there were not too many and most again were education and arts in nature, with a used car add thrown in.  That actually is rather discouraging.

5. Critical Synthesis…how will this new data impact your practice? (200-400 words) I will most likely work in schools that include a high Native American population. I have learned: American Indian kids are more likely to be designated as needing Special Education services than other races.  I have seen that myself in observing my mentors room. Reading through The Circle newspaper, I realize how much some schools are reaching out to the American Indian community to hopefully engage individuals in their services, but to also emphasize the importance of families staying connected to the young peoples academic successes.  I would encourage my school district to consider reaching out the community via such a newspaper, for example, the Virginia School district should be proud that its American Indian students are making AYP, something that is not happening in many of the other school districts.  It would be great to see an article recognizing and celebrating the success of these students and sending a message to the American Indian community that the district cares about this success.

Finally, I think it is important for me as a teacher to stay abreast of current political and tribal issues as well as events and celebrations affecting this community as many of these happenings have historical implications that affect the people and their families today.   I know at the Virginia Public Schools, the American Indian Student Club recently held an 1856 Treaty celebration day.  Not knowing what this meant, I looked up the history of this land treaty which explained to me why the Boise Forte reservation is split up the way it is, and therefore which explains why some of the students from this community chose to be bussed into the Virginia schools (1/2 hour away) versus the 1 hour away school that is located at the Nett Lake tribal school site.   Being aware of such issues would give me opportunity to teach using real world scenarios that resonant with this group of students (such as suggesting researching out this treaty as a history assignment) as well as be a better advocate for the individual student and their families within the school system.




Newspaper Resources


Below is a list of local newspapers geared towards specific ethnic or minority groups. You may choose from this list or pursue your own search by simply entering: special interest newspaper into a search engine.

Try to select local over national or even international papers. I would you like to learn more about diversity issues in your own county and state.

Newspapers are easy to obtain at your local library, or by using the email or telephone contacts listed below.

In the case that you choose an online version for your analysis, be sure to cite the day that you read the paper as well as the complete URL.


African American

Minnesota Spokesman – Recorder.

Available at:

INSIGHT: The Journal for Community News, Business & The Arts

1815 Bryant Avenue North Available at

The African News Journal

ANJ News Available at: 

Native American

The Circle: Native American News and Arts

Published monthly by The Circle Corporation Available at:

Mazina’igan: A Chronicle of the Lake Superior Ojibwe

Published by Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Comission

Published quarterly Available at


Highway 264 & Route 12 Available at


La Prensa de Minnesota (free at many local libraries) Published by Latino Communications Network Available online at:

La Prensa  San Antonio Newspaper

San Antonio’s Premier Bilingual Newspaper: Internet Edition Available at:

Hispania News Southern Colorado’s Bilingual Newspaper Colorado Newspaper Available at:


1. Asian Pages: The Leading Asian resource Serving the Midwest

Founded 1990 KITA Associates, INC Available at:





China Insight  (a member of the Minnesota Chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association)

Available at:


China Daily: Connecting China Connecting the World National Newspaper

Available at:


1. Hmong Times “ The Newspaper of the Hmong Community”

Published by L&W Communications

Available at:


Korean Quarterly

Published for times a year by volunteer non-profit organization.

Available at:


1. The Irish Times

Published in Ireland

Available at: 

 Physically Disabled

1. SIGNews: A Newspaper for the Signing Community

102 N. Krohn Place

Sioux Falls, SD 57103

Available at:


The Jewish Daily Forward. Available at


The Jewish Chronicle A national weekly Jewish online newspaper Available at

The Jerusalem PostAvailable online at



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