Formal Portfolio Paper: 3 pages

Formal Portfolio Paper: 3 pages

The Formal Portfolio Paper:

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the issues we have covered in class so far. Use the information from your readings, the videos, notes and papers we have already done in class to summarize information and synthesize answers to the questions.

Cite facts, statistics, demographics and numbers. Give specific examples to answer each question.

Remember, just identify the issues in our healthcare system, you don’t need to offer suggestions to fix anything. We will look at proposals to fix the system later.

(Analyze = identify, compare, distinguish, deduce, predict)

(Evaluate = judge, justify, critique, verify)

Answer each of the questions (in full sentences, paragraph form)

  1. (Introductory paragraph) Explain the difference between a nation’s health and a nation’s healthcare system. What are indicators of health (how we measure health in a community or nation)? What (indicators) do we measure in a healthcare system?
  2. (Summarize) List and explain some factors contributing to the rising number of uninsured in the USA? Cite facts, numbers and examples. What are the demographics of the uninsured before the ACA? Why do the numbers of uninsured rise and fall? How does being uninsured impact health?How does being uninsured impact healthcare?
  3. (Summarize) List and explain some factors contributing to the rising costs of healthcare? How are healthcare costs measured, and how are these numbers increasing? What are the main areas of healthcare expenditures? Pharmaceutical companies- how do they justify their high prices? How is this contributing to rising costs? Cite facts, numbers and examples.
  4. (Analyze) What strategies or policies do other countries use to address universal healthcare (access for all)? What strategies or policies do other countries use to address price controls?Explain and give examples from at least 3 countries.
  5. (Evaluate) Concluding paragraph: Summary of views:
    1. How would you summarize the USA Healthcare system? Based on what you have learned so far, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the US health care system?

6. Citations in text and a Work Cited page, APA style

Final Portfolio Paper

1. Health and Healthcare


3. Rising Costs

4.Other Countries Strategies

5.Strengths and Weaknesses of USA Healthcare System

6.Citations/Works Cited Page







30 Total

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