For this week’s journal you will essentially be “killing 2 b…

For this week’s journal you will essentially be “killing 2 birds with 1 stone” because you will be writing your first reflection for your E-Portfolio website. 
You will be reflecting on the Genre Analysis assignment. I have questions below to help you structure your reflection in case you do not know what to write about. 
The reflection needs to be a minimum of 250 words double spaced (about 1 page). 
I will be reading this reflection and if it looks good then you will be able to add it to your website. 
Here are the questions: 
Do you feel you accomplished the purpose of this assignment? What did you learn, and how can you use it in the future? 
In what specific situations might these lessons and skills be applicable? Did you practice any particular skills you would like to continue developing as you move forward? 
How well do you feel you met the criteria for this assignment? 
How did your writing process for this assignment facilitate or obstruct your progress? 
Was your revision process effective? How, if at all, could you have altered it to make your writing more effective? 
What from the lectures and discussions was most or least helpful in completing this assignment? 
(Use these questions to guide your reflection, but it doesn’t mean you have to answer them all. Use them as a signpost to help you move forward with your reflection). 

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