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Discussion 1
In response to Stevie and Jade, compare and contrast their previous experience and motivation for taking this course with your own.
Stevie post 
I currently work as a travel nurse in geriatrics long term care. Most of my residents have dementia or behavioral issues. My long term goal is to be an LPC at a drug and alcohol facility. I do have some experience with psych testing as when residents are admitted I have to review medications and diagnoses as well as while taking care of resident to report finding to the provider to make sure residents needs are fully met. This includes their mental health. 
I am looking forward to learning new ways to be able to help assess my residents/ patients to be able to assist them better. Maybe new tactics that are nonpharmaceutical and those that are new to the pharmaceutical world as well. I know that we have had standard tests for depression and anxiety for many years but there are new evaluations for PTSD (which I just recently found out about a few years ago). I know I can’t save the world but I would love to try one person at a time. 
Jade post
 I’m Jade, I am a mother to two bots and my husband is in the Army so we have done a lot of traveling we’re currently in Hawaii, where I work as a contractor. My experience with psychological testing primarily comes from when I worked as a behavior aid for children that had disabilities, and physical impairment . My job as a paraprofessional would be to note progress and assess what kinds or goals could be added to a child’s action plan that was written by their behavior analyst, this often included documenting progress and set backs for a particular goal, or skill and at times even measuring certain triggers and how long a behavior lasts.  I am taking this course to further learn about psychological development and testing, I am most looking forward to learning about psychological adaptations.  
Discussion 2
In response to Nicholas and Alden post, address the following:

Suggest relevant strategies and techniques for your peers to use that you learned about in the module resources, making sure to use APA style citations to cite your source(s).
Elaborate on the general value and impact of successful techniques they mention in their initial post.

Nicholas post
Hello everyone, My name is Nicholas Popovich, and I am a communication major. In my first communication course, several years ago, I gave a speech on a needlessly controversial topic. I reached a point where it was too late to change my topic, but there was enough time to dread what the reaction was going to be.  was afraid, not of speaking, but of what the reaction would be to my topic. I spoke slowly and quietly, and spent more time making excuses and explaining myself rather than the topic. It ended up as an entirely lackluster and pointless 4 minute mumbling spree. That made me realize two things. I need to pick my topic more carefully, and even if I choose poorly, be confident in my points.
Alden post
My name is Alden Grayson-Funk, I am 21 years-old and I am from Charleston, SC. I am almost finished with my BA in communications and I  look forward to obtaining my degree! I want to be able to pursue digital media jobs and get experience in the professional photography/videography field. I wish to create my own content and website documenting my travels all over the world. I am currently in the process of building my car up to live in then I will set off on the road. 
A vivid memory of a time when I succeeded at public speaking was my high school graduation speech. I graduated from a small high-school of 180 kids, and each of us were required to give a departing speech at graduation. I grew up locally in the area and had known the school itself my entire life so it was a big milestone for me. I decided to write about all my memories and childhood stories growing up near the school. It was very a personable and emotional speech while I also incorporated lots of humor. I remember this moment so well because I felt the entire audience was engaged, supportive, and honest. It gave me a healthy sense of community and society living together. I felt as if the 250+ people I was talking to morphed into one being listening to my speech. The reactions afterward were very sincere and grateful which meant a lot to myself. I realized I was able to keep the audience engaged by personable stories and humor. This had a more powerful meaning than a generic thankful speech. By giving the audience something to relate to it allows them to become fully involved. As a public speaker, I could certainly work on my flow and verbal grammar. I have not had to do much public speaking in my life, but when I do I resort to humor. I look forward to improving this skill and receiving constructive feedback!
Discussion 3
In response to Kimberly and Mikayla  posts, state whether you agree or disagree with the thematic connection your classmates identified and explain your answer. Additionally, discuss any other shared themes you note in the two works they chose.
Kimberly post
The two works of art I chose to focus on this week are the American Gothic and the Scream.
The American Gothic painting was done in 1930 by Grant Wood and based on what Wood has said about he painting, it depicts a farmer and his daughter that is usually mistaken to be his wife. The Scream painting was done in 1893 by Edvard Munch and is seen to symbolize anxiety. I feel like both of these works of art symbolize wanting to do better. The farmer is trying to provide a nice home and life for his daughter and may be struggling internally to give her everything he thinks she deserves. The Scream is trying to show how the struggles of life can be a lot to handle.
Mikayla post
 For this week’s discussion, I chose Guernica painted by Pablo Picasso at his home in Paris in 1937, and Liberty Leading the People, a painting by Eugene Delacroix in France in 1830. In Picasso’s Guernica, a black and white painting, we see a scene of horror following the bombing of the city of Guernica. The painting shows mortality at its worst, a woman and her grief of losing a child, a dismembered soldier’s body at her feet, the movement of people trying to escape the horrors before them, and one man reaching up to heaven begging to be saved. The scene makes the viewer question the morality of war if these are in fact the horrors it brings. In Delacroix’s painting Liberty Leading the People, we see a war charge led by a woman personifying liberty itself. She holds the French flag in one hand and a musket in the other. Liberty leads a group of men from varying social classes over a barricade of defeated men, taking them to the next fight. While this work of art does show the mortality in war, it also shows the morality of fighting for a cause you believe in, as shown by the determined faces of those who follow Liberty. While both paintings focus on war and the mortality that comes with it, they each look at morality from different perspectives. In Guernica, there is no determination, no charge, only horror. While in Liberty Leading the People, there is a cause and the determination to see it through. 
Discussion 4
Imagine you are the HR Director for an organization that is planning to do business in China.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Why do China fascinates you the most and why? 
What are the key cultural differences between the United States and China? In China, how effective do you think each of the following practices will be and why?

Extensive assessment of individual abilities for selection
Individually based appraisal systems
Suggestion systems
Self-managing work teams

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