Food and Reflective Journal #1

Food and Reflective Journal #1

For one week, write down everything you eat and drink and the physical activity you performed. After you complete each lesson, write a reflection about what you learned and how you can apply this knowledge to improve your own diet (Lessons 1-6, i.e. write 6 paragraphs total, one for each lesson). Please do not summarize the information, or I will take off points. This is to be a reflection of what you learned and how it applies to your life.

Your grade will be based on the level of detail and completeness of your food/activity record and thoughtful reflection on your eating and physical activity behaviors and potential changes.

In addition, you are to choose some food tracking website (i.e. MyFitness Pal,, MyPlate app, etc.) to input data from one day of your food journal. You are then to take a screen shot or upload a separate document of the nutrient analysis report (i.e. where it lists the amount of calories you ate, percentage of each macronutrient (carbs, fat, protein), and any micronutrients (sodium, calcium, etc.)) to Canvas as well.

Please note the day and date each time you record. You will need to have at least one full week of food records. Please note the due date of Journal #1 (September 19th).

Please upload your Word document to this Canvas Assignment by the due date and time for Journal #1.

This link is a great resource for if you eat on-campus dining food for your meals. You may use this as the food tracking website if you eat all of your meals from on-campus dining. If you don’t eat all your meals, but part of your meals, still utilize this tool and take a screen shot of what you ate and calculated up and include it with your other food tracking website information:

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