First Page ONLY Rewrite a Thesis Statement may use my previous thesis as example

First Page ONLY
Rewrite a Thesis Statement may use my previous thesis as example
Here are my previous Thesis Statements:
Over the decades’ Racism and racial profiling have become a valuable topic among American citizens as many past events influence the effect it’s done on our nation.
Racial profiling has long been used as a tool by the law enforcement agency to brand a person as a criminal. Individuals from minority races have been targeted or suspected based on their race. Some have been regarded as criminals without even committing crimes. This calls for the need to use definitive solutions to characterize someone as an individual and use facts to make judgments. More importantly, members from different races have been found committing crimes, and such acts are individual, not group-based. Eliminating racial profiling will help make sound, ethical, and rational judgments.
This problem has been happening all over the world, but we need to understand how America can use the tools it has to end it. Hence, it is necessary to start working on putting an end to racial profiling by constructing definitive solutions to this seemingly vague issue.
Many take racial profiling for granted and resent the African American communities’ efforts to acknowledge the importance of putting an end to racial profiling by providing definitive solutions to the seemingly vague problems of discrimination, social mobility, equality, and justice.
Than answer these questions:
Restate the assignment overview for the argument research essay. What are you being asked to do?
Who is the audience for your research writing assignment? Besides your teacher and classmates, who else might be interested in reading your research essay?
What sort of voice are you going to use in your research essay? What do you think would be more appropriate for your project, first person or third person?
What is your working thesis? Think back to the ways you began developing your working thesis. In what ways has your working thesis changed?
Write an argument research essay (of at least 1500 words) about the working thesis that you have made for the first page and use the previous essays I have as examples and research.
Your thesis must be supported with at least three claims.
The essay must also address the opposite viewpoint/include at least one counterargument paragraph.
This essay must be supported with the source material:
Please use my sources if you can’t you may use your own. Use three sources or more.
Make use of at least three sources located via research but no more than six.
These sources must be current.
At least one of your sources must be A Book.
At least one of your sources should reflect your topic’s local impact (at the state, city, or county level). Consider using a library index to access a local newspaper, for instance, such as The Miami Herald, The Sun-Sentinel, etc.
All source material used throughout the essay must be properly integrated and cited in-text per MLA guidelines.
A corresponding Works Cited page must be submitted with the final draft.

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Rewrite a Thesis Statement may use my previous thesis as example appeared first on nursing writers.


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Rewrite a Thesis Statement may use my previous thesis as example first appeared on nursing writers.

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