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Theme?The dependence of the global economy on global supply chains
Research area?An examination of differing country, city, or community-based global approaches to the pandemic. (China vs US)Instagram or creative series (25%): The main aim and end result is an Instagram series of 5-10 posts (plus cover and  sources of info). See some examples here! The writing focuses on explaining a central concept of a topic we learned in class and how to relate it helps to understand the COVID-109 crisis, while centering it on a national/local policy approach to the pandemic, differing global approaches to it Create a story line that introduces the concept, follows global approach, gives at least one clear example, and provides clear and concise arguments. Your conclusion can include resources to follow up, provocative questions that are left unanswered, or a call for action based on your arguments.  The language should be accessible for a general public audience. 
For the individual Instagram project grade, the disaster kit will be graded out of 40 points and then weighted accordingly. They will each be evaluated in terms of:
Content (argument and research): 20 points The topic is clearly related to the course (5 pts) The main concept is clearly explained (5 pts) There is a clear argument that links  the topic, the concept(s) and COVID-19 (5 pts) The project clearly centers on a feature of people, an assessment of a national/local policy approach, the examination of differing global approaches, or on grassroot/regular people’s responses (5 pts)
Organization (Organization of points, language, layout): 10 points There is a logical structure of introduction, development and conclusion in the storyline (5 pts) The language is adapted to a general audience (5 pts)
Presentation (design): 10 points Content can be easily read, showing there was a real effort to synthesize information (5 pts) The layout is appealing to a general audience (5 pts)The instagram series must base on the final portfolio 
For the references needs to use the sources that have already attached in the document 

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