Essex County

Essex County

Taking a look at Essex County as a whole for my local area, the top pollutants found were ozone pollution or smog and fine particulate matter. Ozone pollutants or smog is created from a chemical reaction when the sunlight reacts with organic compounds within the air. This type of pollution is a factor in many illnesses we see today such as, “respiratory issues, cystic fibrosis, slower reflexes, and headaches.” (Dale, 2015) Exxes county also had high levels of particulate matter which the book describes as, “tiny bits of liquid or solid matter that float in the air, referring to a combination of particles and gas.” (Dale, 2015)These types of pollutants caused by normal activities, such as driving a car, or even coal-fired power plants.

One state strategy that New Jersy has falls under the State Implementation Plan or (SIP). One measure they have taken is against the trucking industry called Transportation Control Measure or (TCM’s). This program aimed at, “reducing emissions from transportation sources, by reducing vehicle use, traffic flow, and congestion,”  (Held, 2013) They are hoping to reduce the number of emissions that is let into the air and improving the quality of life for all residents. A federal strategy that is in the works is the C-FERST program of Community-Focused Exposure and Risk Screening tool. This tool has been designed by the EPA to, “ generate maps of sources, concentrations, human exposure and cumulative risk with overlays about health factor outcomes.” (Held, 2013) This tool will help to identify these areas and help them to identify risk and come up with solutions. 

One of the many challenges that New Jersey face when dealing with pollution is with the ozone. This pollutant is considered a secondary form of pollution since the reaction of other chemicals causes it. In New Jersey, the ozone pollution is not only caused by the one remaining coal plant but also coal plants burning in Pennsylvania. These chemicals tend to travel hundreds of miles and may require further action by state and federal officials before this problem is under control. 


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