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Essay – My Assignments Writers

For Essay , focus on the U.S. education system, and write an argumentative problem-solution essay in which you present a problem (in the first half of the essay) and then propose a solution (in the second half of the essay).

write a multiple-paragraph essay of at least six full pages. Include a properly formatted Works Cited list on page 7 or later. Integrate 4 sources, and include your sources in the Works Cited list.

In your opening (the first paragraph or two), do the following: 1) start with a hook; 2) summarize the topic/issue; 3) present an argumentative thesis statement.

In each body paragraph, begin with a clear, claim-driven topic sentence (TS). Then back up that TS with textual evidence and other supports. Use paraphrases and brief quotes to integrate your sources. Add in-text citations, when necessary.

“why highschool students and graduates are not ready or prepared enough for college?”

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