ergonomic assessment submission

In this case study assignment, you will conduct an Ergonomic Risk Assessment. Select the appropriate ergonomic assessment tool from the industry resources provided or any other tool you may find via a reputable resource, and conduct a preliminary physiological or cognitive ergonomic assessment of a task or system in your workplace or a workplace in which you are familiar. Write a brief report (4-5 pages of text) detailing the following:

Assessment tool(s) used, and any adaptations made to fit the task/system, and a rationale for your selection

Brief description of the task/system being analyzed. Include all components of the system (humans, hardware/equipment, any software [checklist, manuals, etc.], environment [indoors/outdoors, lighting, temperature, noise, vibration, etc.], mission, task, etc.)

Controls currently in place to reduce ergonomic risks (e.g. MSDs)

Findings – pros and cons

Recommendations to mitigate identified hazards

Consider the role of stress and fatigue in the workplace, as contributing factors to potential physiological and cognitive ergonomic risks

Introduction body and conclusion also use heading and sub headings

APA format, at least 5 scholarly references


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