Engineers and investors are planning to build a luxury hotel…

civil engineering question
Engineers and investors are planning to build a luxury hotel at Yellowstone. Theyhave the rights to exploit hot springs located in the mountains. The water comingfrom the hot spring is very hot, reaching a temperature of 50??. As an alternativeto reduce the temperature, another pipe will run cold water from a lagoon, witha temperature of 10?? and mix it with the hot water. The engineers realized thatthis is a very complex problem for Hazen-Williams model because such a modelwould consider water at same temperature. The engineers, therefore, will employthe Darcy-Weisbach formulation. They remark that kinematic viscosity will change with temperature. They present the kinematic viscosity as a function of temperature (below). The pipe is commercial steel with ks=0.046.(a) Determine the flow rates extracted from the hot and cold sources so the total flowrate is 20 [l/s] and the temperature after mixture is 35?? (i.e. define the correctproportion of Q from each pipe so you get the correct mixed temperature).Assume an instantaneous and adiabatic mixing (i.e. the temperature can beobtained by simply calculating the ratios of flow rate from each pipe).(b) Determine the diameter of the hot and cold pipes coming from the cold andhot water sources. Hint: You need to use the Moody Abacus for each of thetwo pipes. You need to iterate for the diameters. In the first iteration youneed to guess the diameters. Then you get the values of f. Then use those f inthe Bernoulli equation with the diameter as unknown. If the values of D aredifferent from the first guess, perform another iteration.Requirements: 1 page Plagiarism Free Papers
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