Ecotrans case study | Applied Sciences homework help

Assignment 6-2 Milestone 2 — You are required to use the ECO-Trans case study to complete the Milestone 2 Paper.  The case study is located in MindEdge Module 6.07 through 6.07.4

Assume that you are the Project manager for this Project. Add data based on your best assumptions where it is needed.

Do not repeat the case study back to me in your documentation.

You may use the “optional templates” provided as examples.

Provide one to two paragraphs to describe the process and include examples (templates are considered examples).

Your submission must be in one document.  The “optional templates” should be included in the sections.

Do not use an appendix or separate files for the submittal.

There is a video provided on how to merge word documents from portrait to landscape in the project.  (Please see next bullet)

Process outlined in Video to Merge Portrait and Landscape Documents into one document: 

Keep your paper organized with sub headers that align with the rubric. 

A paper submittal template is provided for you to use to organize your paper.
See attachment for Week 6 Project Template for Submittal of Milestone 2 Paper.docx  

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