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Reflect: This discussion will discuss specific ways in which the study of logic and critical thinking can benefit you in your personal life. Some general categories you might consider are:

Performing at the highest level in your education
Achieving your potential in your career
Effectively using your time and skills
Intelligently managing your finances
Making responsible investments/purchases
Not falling for scams of any kind
Improving personal relationships
Correcting bad habits and developing good ones
Choosing a path in life that one finds most personally fulfillment
Or another relevant possibility


present and explain at least two areas of your life that can be benefitted by using logic and critical thought (you may choose from the list above or use another area of life).
provide at least one specific example for each of how logic and critical thought can be applied to those areas of life
discuss in general terms how application of these skills can contribute to the success and fulfillment in that area of life.

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