Early Childhood Education


In the past 6 weeks,  we have focused on the history of Early Childhood education by examining the historical perspective as seen through the eyes of various researchers and theorists. We have identified the many roles early childhood educators can have in early childhood settings, and we have touched on a chief component of early childhood curriculum, play. This past couple of weeks, we have discussed the importance of partnering with families to provide quality childcare even in these challenging COVID times when we are faced with life changing health and safety concerns that threaten our very existence.

Using a variety of sources from this course including lecture notes, power points, articles, the text, the videos, class discussions, and guest speakers, choose 3 of the 5 essay questions and respond accordingly. A minimum of 1 typed, double spaced  page is expected per question. Each essay question is valued at 5 points for a total of 15 points. You will be graded on:

Your response to each question,
Grammar and spelling use
Mechanics of writing
Variety of sources to include assigned articles and the text to support your responses
Please note which question you are responding to.

***Chosen questions 1,2,and 3 ***
Question 1:

Rhian Evans Allvin, NAEYCs CEO states that:

We know that families and early childhood educators support each other, and share a commitment to ensuring the best for children, yet our underfunded system means that families and educators can sometimes find themselves on different sides of issues related to the balance of affordability, quality, and compensation in early childhood education.”

As a program director with limited resources, how would you justify purchasing wooden Montessori manipulatives for a new classroom at your early childhood center when speaking to your board of directors? What research would you use to support your decision? How will you convince the board who authorize spending for the school?

Include researchers and their focus, the titles and authors of the articles focused on early childhood classroom materials and the information you think relevant shared by our guest speakers. 

Question 2:

A new family will be joining your early childhood center. As the teacher of the 3 year olds at the center, you will be getting the new student in your class. The family joining your class consists of a same gender couple who are sending their first child to your center.  They are concerned that the other families will be uncomfortable with their family’s make-up.

What will you do to help the new family feel comfortable? What specific activities could you offer your students to help them adjust to a same gender family? What classroom activities would you find helpful? Explain why these plans will be important?

Include researchers and their focus, the titles and authors of articles on gender assigned so far (and others you have found), and any information shared by guest speakers.

Question 3:

Compare and contrast in detail the educational theories of  John Dewey and Maria Montessori. Discuss them in terms of the historical perspective and touch upon their influences by mentioning other theorists such as Piaget, Erikson, and others who were influential and active during their time in history.

Question 4:

Discuss in detail Piaget’s and Erikson’s work as it relates to play in early childhood classrooms.

Include researchers on play and their focus, the titles and authors of the articles focused on play, and the information shared by our guest speaker on play.

Question 5:

Today, one common curriculum model is emergent curriculum or planning curriculum around what emerges from the children’s interests and experience. Define emergent curriculum in an early childhood classroom. What are some of its practical aspects?

Is this consistent or inconsistent with John Dewey’s ideas about education? How so?  Include researchers on emergent curriculum and their focus, and the titles and authors of the articles in your response.

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