Don’t demonstrate mathematics, just present the theory. The Focus is on Critical

Don’t demonstrate mathematics, just present the theory. The Focus is on Critical Analysis Learning Objective: Analyze and evaluate important management science theories and models, and explain their impact on managerial decision making. (analysis, evaluation) Word Length: 1800-2200 Theme: Linear Programming We do not want the latest problem, but what the problem is. Do not Demonstrate Mathematics, but present the theory. Your analysis can focus either on the selected topic at a general level or on a specific instance or problem that belongs to that generic topic. Final selection will be done in collaboration with your instructor: 2. Conduct a literature research and develop a report that summarizes the topic selected at an introductory level. Specifically: • Introduce the topic • Formulate the associated with-it mathematical problem • Describe the main existing solution methods • Present and discuss any specific issues related to the problem 3. Explain the practical business application(s) of the theme you selected in number 1 above. Namely: • Describe the real-life business situation(s) that can be modeled using the specific management science technique. • List and discuss advantages, disadvantages, limitations, etc. of using the specific technique in business. • Interpret the practical value of the model for business. The focus is on critical analysis. 4. Format – Each student will prepare the written project using the following required format: • Title page – includes the title of the project, the student’s name, the course number and name (e.g., MG XXXX Al L6 Management Science), the project due date, and the instructor’s name • Table of Contents – identifies the sections (introduction, main body, conclusion) in the written project and the associated page number for each section • Introduction – includes a brief statement of what you intend to accomplish in the project, and a summary of what follows in main body • Main Body – includes the review of the literature and the application of those ideas to the identified business setting • Conclusion – includes a brief statement of what you have accomplished through your discussion in the main body of the project • References – identifies the literature which you have reviewed; please refrain from using Wikipedia and other wiki sources, as generally, they are not considered to be academic sources. USE A VARIETY OF OLD AND NEW, NO LESS THAN 12 ACADEMIC SOURCES; BOOKS; JOURNALS 5. Mechanics – Each student should adhere to the following technical requirements: a. Documentation – APA style; a guide is available at: – Easybib Pro b. Word length – 1,800-2,200 words; it is compulsory to report the number of words at the end of the paper. You must keep within the word limit prescribed in the course, otherwise a minimum 10% grade penalty applies. c. Submission – The project must be word processed, and each student will submit the project electronically Originality and Authenticity – The rules of academic ethics apply when undertaking this written project, including the requirements that the student undertakes the written project without improper or unauthorized assistance from anyone. If it is determined that the project is not done individually and solely by the student, the instructor may grade the ajor written project as an F. 10. Turnitin – Each student must submit electronically the written project to Turnitin prior to submitting it to the academic staff. 2 SOURCES WILL ALSO BE PROVIDED

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