Does the plan solve for each harm discussed in the significa…

Note: You do not need to submit this assignment in order to move forward in this module. You do, however, need to submit by Sunday at 11:59 PM in order to complete this module.
What will you do?

Step 1:  In groups of two you will need to upload your PowerPoint presentation from Project #2 Part 2 by Monday at 11:59 PMto your Group HomePage. (See links in the section below for helps on Groups…)
Step 2: You will view your peer’s uploaded PowerPoint Presentation.
Step 3: Write a 2 page response that opposes the position taken by your peer in their PowerPoint presentation and submit by Sunday at 11:59 PM.

Note: Making sure your PowerPoint is uploaded to your group is important for completion of Project 3. If your group member fails to upload PowerPoint contact your instructor immediately.
What are groups in Canvas?
Since this may be your first time working in groups via online tools, below you will find some tips on working in groups in Canvas.  Please use the Ask for HELP discussion board on Canvas to troubleshoot any issues, and of course contact me with questions.

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What Group are you in? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
How do you share files with your group members? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
How do you send a message to your group? (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
Refutation Paper Project 3 Guidelines
You will be asked to work in groups of two to view a peer’s Power Point presentation from Project #2 and write a 2 page response that opposes the position taken in the presentation. You must use a minimum of 2 different credible sources in your response.

Your sources must be internally cited. Use the “How to Cite Your Sources” doc as a guideline.
The PowerPoint Presentation you created in Project 2 Part 2 needs to be uploaded to your group home page files area.
Your responses will be submitted individually it will not be shared with the student that created the PowerPoint presentation so you should not be hindered from being critical of the content.


Use this Template to construct a response to the arguments made in the PowerPoint presentation.
The length is 2-3 pages (Double-spaced, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins)
Clearly type the number and label for each component and then type a narrative response for each section. Use specific examples from the PowerPoint presentation. (“She said….but….”)
Incorporate a minimum of 2 different, credible sources. These sources must be sighted internally (see How to Cite Your Sources)

You must address all 6 areas. Guiding questions are provided for each section to help you focus your arguments.
AREA 1: Attack Significance (Harms)

Did gov’t prove that this is a significant problem?
Can you prove that they problem is smaller in scope than the gov’t claims?

AREA 2: Attack Inherency

Did the gov’t prove that the status quo is flawed?
Did the gov’t effectively identify the type of inherency?

AREA 3: Attack Plan

Workability: Why won’t the plan work (wrong agency, vague mandates, no funding/staffing, lack of enforcement, etc)

AREA 4: Attack Solvency

Does the plan solve for each harm discussed in the significance section?

AREA 5: Attack Advantages (address each advantage independently)

Is the advantage non unique? (in other words, is this benefit specifically a result from the plan or could it occur without the plan)
Did the gov’t prove that the advantage will really occur?
Is the advantage really a disadvantage?

AREA 6: Offer Disadvantages

Number each disadvantage. Be sure to explain how these negative consequences of the plan will occur.

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