Do you think that we can abandon our dependence on fossil fuel even if renewable fuel technology app

Based on the information from Figure 15.8 on page 333, it is obvious that there are numerous products that we use on a daily basis that made from petroleum. Many of these products are needed for our health and wellbeing. In my opinion, I do not believe that we can abandon our dependence on fossil fuel all at once due to fossil fuel being such a valuable resource for the human race. Although the fossil fuels are scattered amongst other countries, energy for the resource is vital.

“The planet simply cannot sustain the level of energy used that has become the norm in the United States and our dependency on these fuels creates a dependency on the Arab nations, Russia, and China, who hold access to so much of the remaining fossil fuel deposits on the planet” (Robert, 2017).

According to Withgott & Laposata over half of the oil reserves has been used (2012). With this type of resource being so vital and scarce, in order to keep production and to keep the ability to have these fossil fuels, there is a way to calculate the usage. “To estimate how long this remaining oil will last, analysts calculate the reserves-to-production ratio, or R/P ratio, by dividing the amount of total remaining reserves by the annual rate of production (i.e., extraction and processing)” (Withgott & Laposata, 2012, p. 333). I believe that with the reserves-to-production ratio we will be able to assist with monitoring the usage of the fossil fuels and to be able to reserve some of the levels of nonrenewable energy.

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