discussion theater art

Below are some videos that will give you more background on some of the various topics discussed in chapter 1, plus a few other theatre-related items I found interesting. Please answer any questions I have by replying in the “comment” box below. Also briefly comment on/reply to at least one of your classmates’ comments. If there are any bad links, note them in the comments or message me.


Chapter 1 – Theatre is Everywhere

Here are some video clips to help introduce you to the world of theatre.

We will cover the Greeks in much more detail later this semester. Here are some questions that will not be graded but are good to consider in understanding events that are theatrical.

In what ways is theatre everywhere? In addition to actual theatre (a play or musical), what else is theatrical out in the world? How so?

How is this Paramore concert clip “theatrical”? Respond below. Remember, part of your grade is participation! 🙂







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