Discussion: Peer Review of Project Management Plan

Order InstructionsNow that you have submitted the Initial Schedule and Budget, think about the challenges that you had in developing your project management plan. Review the case study, A&D High Tech (B): Managing Scope Change, which will be used to complete the revised schedule and budget in the Final Project Part II. Answer the following questions in your initial post:
What thoughts do you have on the changes in the scenario? What issues will be the most difficult to adjust for? What are the biggest differences between cases A and B?What peer feedback would be helpful for you to complete part II of the final project? Are you encountering any specific issues with the timeline, scope, or risks? Be specific.In response to your peers, find posts for which you can provide valuable input, and give it. This discussion topic assignment is intended for the class to collaborate to help improve everyone’s plan before completing the Final Project Part II PDF in Module Eight.
Refer to the Discussion Rubric PDF for directions on completing these discussions.
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