discusions on different topics

Discussion on deviance:
1. Zimbardo says that assigning labels to people and putting them into a situation where those labels acquire validity and meaning is sufficient to elicit pathological behavior. Discuss what he means with regards to the social structure of the prison.
2. When the personnel of one hospital found out about this experiment, they said nothing like that could ever happen in their hospital. Rosenhan said he would have a pesudopatient admitted to the hospital within the next three months. What happened? How could that happen?
Discussion on work:
1. Explain how saleswomen have changed the business of selling cars.
2. Based on the article on McDonald discuss the concept of rationalization and how it has changed the workplace.
Discussion on education and medicine:
1. Discuss the benefits to schools and society by having children learnthe student role – conforming, lining up, following directions, not interrupting, etc. What are the costs or negative consequences of learning the student role?
2. Should American women continue to give birth in the lithotomy position? If yes, why? If no, why not?
Discussion on religion:
1.Why is the cow considered sacred in India? Harris mentions that we
have a “sacred” car. List the functions of Americans’ “sacred” car
in the same way that Harris does with the functions of the Indians’
sacred cow.
Discussion on social change:
1. Although the Amish have retained many of their traditions, the article points out that
there are changes in the 5 major social institutions due to various pressures. Why have
the Amish resisted change? Do you think they will be able to continue resisting change?
How do you think the Amish will be 20 years from today?
I had uploaded the PowerPoints for each discussion topic Each of your answers should be around 300 words
***I need Discussion on deviance on 4/1****
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