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The attachment contains the summary/outline I did and the other contains the presentation outline if you need to follow the format.There should be 5 content slides that include the content areas below.Your presentation should flow in a logical manner. Be sure to include a title slide, a summary slide and a references slide. The wording of the presentation should be clear and concise with correct punctuation and spelling; bullets should be used rather than full sentences. Proper medical/anatomical terminology should be used wherever possible. Slides should include graphics and/or pictures with detailed information in the notes section. Presentations will be submitted to Blackboard. You must include the discussion concepts below that are in bold (#1-4) and at least one of the discussion concepts (#5 or #6) not in bold:normal anatomy & physiology of the selected organ/organ system;cause of the selected disease/disorder including transmission (for genetic disorders, discuss dominance and X-linkage, as appropriate);how major organs and organ systems are affected by the selected disease/disorder;available prevention and/or methods of treatment;potential geographical and/or ethnic and/or cultural aspects of the selected disease/disorder;how the fight against this disease differs in developed and underdeveloped countries. ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONS: Minimum of 7 slides in appropriate font (1 title slide including your name and name of disorder/disease; at least 5 content slides covering at least 5 of the concept areas including images, as appropriate; 1 summary slide with all 5 content areas included; 1 references slide).APA style format and documentation for “in-text” (on-slide) citations and a References page.Minimum of 4 peer-reviewed secondary sources.Utilize library databases to locate appropriate sources.Submissions made more than 8 hours after the deadline lose 10%/additional hour late. Submissions made more than 18 hours after the deadline earn 0 points. “Is this question part of your assignment? We Can Help!”

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