Deviant behavior may appear to be very common in sports.

Negative behavior from athletes, coaches, spectators, parents, and other members of the sports community are frequently publicized in the media. For this discussion, we are going to examine some of the deviant behavior that occurs in our sports world and identify the effect of the behavior on sports and our society.For this discussion, you will research references that address deviant behavior involving one or more of the following: 1) athletes, 2) coaches, 3) sports media members, 4) officials, 5) athletic administrators, or 6) spectators. Then, please answer the following questions:1. What was the deviant behavior?2. What was the punishment, if any?3. What are the ramifications on sport and society due to this particular situation?4. Is this behavior a common theme in sports? If so, what has been done or should be done to manage this problem.The post Deviant behavior may appear to be very common in sports. appeared first on nursing writers.
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