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Design Thinking Script (This Script will be the beginning of my capstone project)please read attachment before making a bidReflect on the content covered throughout the entire course.Utilizing what you learned about design thinking this week, create a script that can be used to create a voice-over presentation or video in Week Six.Review the Capstone rubric and Capstone: It’s Not Scary slide presentation. Your script should include: This will be a two part assignment, person accepting firts part must be will to accept part two.  You will find complete details attachedDuring this course, I came across x.I see opportunity for improvement at my organization in      x.I might want to focus my capstone on these one to three      areas.How will this relate to the end user? Consider      consumer-centrism.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.Materials· Capstone Rubric ATTACHED· Capstone: It’s Not Scary ATTACHEDTHENDesign Thinking” from the Harvard Business Review (HBR) ExplainerWatch the video “Design Thinking” from the HBR Explainer series( Video Link: )Post a response to the following question on separate sheet of paperHow will you use      design thinking to begin to brainstorm about your capstone?You can add at the end of paper I will cut and paste on separate sheetPart Two Due Oct 2ndDesign Presentation (MY Capstone projectCreate a 5- to 6-slide voice-over presentation or video using your script from Week Five.Incorporate feedback from      faculty and any additional new learnings from the course.Presentation should be 3 to 4      minutes with a clear and professional voice-over presentation of      information.Cite at least 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar references.Format your citations according to APA guidelines.Subjects covered throughout this classsystem thinking locally and on a national level,  the three C’s (Creativity, chaos and complexity), feedback loops, leverage points, different types of traps and opportunities such as Trap of escalation, tragedy of the commons, success to the successful, Drift to low Performance ,and  he trap of Shifting the Burden to the Intervenor among others Flow, Fulfillment, Creativity, and Respect, Gemba walk
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