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New Television – your parents are the buyers.


To drive sales you need to understand the purchase process in detail.This is not merely a recitation of our lecture or the text, but application of that information to a particular purchase situation.How does the consumer behavior process work for the customer and what are the specific influences that might or actually come into play?You should ‘stand in the shoes of your customer’ and from their point of view:

You can answer each question below in bullet format.

Understand the customer

  • Discuss the buyer’s process at each of the five stages of the consumer decision making process in buying a new television set
  • Discuss the internal, situational, and social influences that impact the decision process.
  • Discuss the determinant decision criteria from a value and influencing factors point of view. In other words, decide what factor[s] get the consumer from consideration to actually buying the product: these can be functional aspects of the product or situational aspects to the purchase.
  • As the manufacturer of televisions, list 3 ways this information could be incorporated in your marketing mix.

Submit your response through the Turnitin link.


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