Conduct Learning Observation of a 4 y.o. girl

Conduct Learning Observation of a 4 y.o. girl

You will observe the student learn in a classroom and/or after school environment and fill out the sheet attached.
The observation should include the following:

-The Observation includes detailed information in all of the following: description of the context, description of students activities, comments, and inferences.
-Description of students activity is related to the area of development and reported in detail.
-Description of students activity is written as an objective account of behavior.
-Inferences are connected to the behavior observed, and their connection is explained in clear and elaborate fashion.
-Inferences are substantiated with references to at least 2 relevant theories of development and supported by 3 course readings.
-Inferences include a clear and elaborate description of the students developmental abilities and needs in the specific developmental domain and suggestions are provided for supporting the students development. 

How does the student approach problem solving? The student could be working independently or in a small group.  It may help if the problem is part of a hands-on project so you can see how the student approaches the problem. This observation should help you gather data on what processes the student uses to learn. Observe the student conducting any of the following activities:

Receiving information                                         
Applying Skills                                                                   
Practicing new skills                                             
Participating in collaborative activities                           
Doing homework                                     
Taking a test or quiz                                                         
Using technology
Viewing videos                                                                 
Presenting information
Using resources other than textbook


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