Concert Report

Concert Report

Title of the First Piece
Objective Description
Objective Descriptions are your description of what you observed in the music as it was performed. Describe each movement of the piecewrite a separate paragraph for each movement. Provide a narrative of your observations concerning such elements as melody, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, instrumentation, texture, form, etc. Describe the major musical characteristics of the piece, including the solos, tempo, dynamics, instrumentation, or themes, etc. Note that a narrative is not a list or summary it is a sequential description of what occurred as the piece was played.

You must write about every piece performed on the concert.
You must describe all movements of each piece.
You must write a separate paragraph of objective description for each movement of multiple movement pieces. For example, if the piece has four movements you will write four paragraphs of objective description, one for each separate movement.
You should cover a wide range of important features of the music avoid focusing obsessively on only one or two aspects too much.
Keep in mind that the primary content of your paper is the objective description material. Other required components such as the subjective reaction and quality of performance sections should comprise a much smaller portion of the overall report.


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