Comparative Essay FinalWrite a 750-1000 word essay about a p…

Comparative Essay FinalWrite a 750-1000 word essay about a pair of items in which the similarities    and differences of those items are compared and contrasted in the style    described within Unit III. For this assignment, you will edit and revise your    Unit III Comparative Essay Draft. This final essay will be your last    opportunity to make adjustments to the essay.Purpose: Throughout Unit III, we discussed the conventions of the comparative  essay. The purpose of this assignment is to measure your mastery of the    conventions of the comparative essay. For this assignment, you will practice   the  skill of careful revision and refinement of your work as sometimes    re-envisioning your writing can be more difficult than writing the essay the    first time. However, to make your writing the best that it can be, you must    practice the skills of editing and revision.Process: For the comparative essay, you will complete the following    steps:Read through your paper looking for structural concerns: See Unit IV,           Lesson 5, for more details. Be sure that you are satisfied with your paper   as         a whole before you do any detailed editing.Read through your paper looking for grammar and stylistics: See Unit IV,           Lesson 5, for more details. You may need to read your essay aloud or   have         someone else look over the essay to find all of your mistakes and   awkward         phrasings.Submit a Writing Center request using the Writing Center Request Form in           the student portal (optional). Have one of CSU’s trained Writing     Specialists       read through your essay before submission.Stylistic details: All essays must meet the following requirements:750-1000 words.Write in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font.Include one-inch margins on all sides.Use double spacing (top-to-bottom every page, to include above and below           titles and centered words).Include an APA title page (for all essays) and reference list that           includes all of the sources used in the essay.Include a header.Include page numbers (upper-right corner only).Adhere to APA convention and documentation style (See the CSU citation guide   for assistance.).At least one source is required. All sources used must be    cited.

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