Community Needs and Health Screening Initiative

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Community Needs and Health Screening Initiative


For this assignment, you will pick one recommended screening from the United States Preventive Task Force A and B Recommendations.

An initiative is a project or event, so something in the community is ideal; workplace location for employees is also fine. Please include the following suggested level one headings, so content is clear and easily identified.

Theory or Conceptual Model

  • Identify and describe a health promotion program theory or conceptual model.
  • Explain how the model or theory is applicable to the initiative.

Population Screening Purpose

  • Identify the screening topic as an A or B preventive screening from the USPSTF.
  • Include two components of topic-related community statistics numerically (e.g., mortality, prevalence).
  • Describe target population characteristics, including age and sex or risk factor, and match the guidelines.
  • Clarify the county and or neighborhood of the population.
  • Provide descriptions on the local population to be screened, including three components: number of persons in the county possibly affected based on sex, age, and racial diversity of the county or state.
  • Include current rates of screening or factors that would impact the need for screening.


  • Provide details of the community or workplace event, including three components: type of area or building, time, and day (e.g., Monroe County Senior Center at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 4/20/21).
  • Include reasoning and explanation of appropriateness.

Screening Activity

The screening activity plan meets the preventive guidelines process, is descriptive, and includes:

  • Education component description
  • Measures tested
  • Evidence the tests are aligned with guideline recommendations
  • Demonstrates possible positive measure, and normal and abnormal ranges
  • Follow up and referral content process
  • Three clear and measurable outcome goals
  • Explanation of how each outcome is affected by the activity


Provides a detailed cost analysis to perform screening in table form and includes (but is not limited to) the six following line items:

  • Testing instrument costs with source for pricing
  • Staff costs as appropriate for screening
  • Rental cost estimate
  • Simple supply costs
  • Any attendee cost
  • Total

You may use volunteer staff but not donations of items. Cost analysis for feasibility needs to be demonstrated. Cost analysis total and summary statement should be included.

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