Communication is the most important factor when implementing a change in clinical practice

Communication is the most important factor when implementing a change in clinical practice

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Communication is the most important factor when implementing a change in clinical practice. Healthcare members need to be involved in the beginning of the process and need to know when, where, how and why the changes will occur. If stakeholders do not understand why the changes are being made, there will be resistance in complying with the change. Healthcare members are on the forefront in providing optimal care and maintaining a safe environment for patients and want and need to know that they have some kind of input. According to this week’s lesson. ” there can be significant opposition to change, especially if stakeholders are not involved in the planning stages of the project and perceive that to be maintained throughout the process of implementing change” (CCN, 2018).

In managing resistance to change, the first step is having physicians and upper management on board for the change to be successful. Secondly, explaining why there is a need for change. ” As nurses, we need to know and understand the intervention and techniques to improve patient outcomes” (CCN, 2018). In showing data compiled and information obtained will provide safe, effective, quality care to our patients. Another step in handling resistance to change is listening to concerns of staff in a nonjudgmental way. Giving frequent feedback on the progress of the implemented plan and provide praise to employees on a job well done on the successful outcomes in patient care. ” It takes actions such as teaching, counseling, delegating, monitoring and coordinating to actually implement new policies and procedures” ( ANA, 2015).

Educational materials combined with other methods such as written materials handed out at staff meetings would include the purpose, policy and procedures and everyone’s roles and responsibilities. The use of stickers, posters in the nursing conference rooms and emails would serve as reminders to reflect best practice (Nice,2007).

Feedback in addition to collection of data would include nursing staff surveys. This type of feedback with inclusion of data collected would provide insight into practices and comparison among peers. In staff meetings, following up after implementation time should be allowed for “round table” which we use for reflection of the new practice.

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