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Choosing a project charter
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3 page(s)/825 Words
Urgency 3 to 5 hours
Citation Style APA Style
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the other 3 are the different topics the writer can choose to write about
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Project Title: 444 Fourth Avenue Kitchen Renovation
Project Overview/Deliverable This is a project to upgrade a home kitchen. The non-working range will be replaced, and other
appliances upgraded. New electrical circuits will be installed allowing for the installation of a
dishwasher and in-sink disposal. New cabinetry will also be installed in addition to providing
the kitchen with a fresh coat of white paint. A more detailed list of tasks can be found in the
Scope section.
Scope The project includes the following tasks: Removals 1) Removal of old built-in cabinets and trim 2) Removal of old linoleum flooring and sections used as backsplash 3) Removal of old appliances including: oven, range hood, and refrigerator 4) Removal of 2 light fixtures: main ceiling fixture, over-sink fixture 5) Disconnect plumbing and removal of old double basin sink 6) Remove/sand old wall coverings 7) Repair walls/ceiling/subfloor in preparation for new installations Installations 1) Paint ceiling 2) Hang wallpaper 3) Install new cabinets 4) New wire runs installed and inspected by city (subcontracted to electrician) 5) New countertops/backsplash installed (includes sink installation) 6) New laminate tile flooring installation 7) New appliances connected (refrigerator, oven, range hood, dishwasher, disposal) 8) New lighting fixtures installed (main ceiling fixture and over-sink fixture) 9) Door/window/cabinet trim installed
Resources Work
• Grady’s Contracting – General Contractor with three employees
• Lowe’s Home Improvement Store – Design Consultant
• Bill’s Electrical – Electrical Contractor
• Lamtech – Countertop Installer

$25,000 including a 10% contingency fund of $2,500 to respond to risks.
Major Milestones Milestones Deliverables
Removal of all old kitchen fixtures. Clean work space for design and installation phases.
Electrical work completed. Three new city-inspected circuits for oven,
dishwasher, and disposal.
Wallpaper hung. Prepares walls for cabinet installation.
Cabinetry installed. 7 new cabinets, level and square.
Countertop installation. Slate countertops allow sink/disposal installation, and installation of other appliances.
Appliance installation. Makes kitchen usable for homeowners.
Trim/miscellaneous finishing work. Completes project, adds to home value.
Roles/Responsibilities Customer/Sponsor: Provides overall direction on the project. Responsibilities include: approve the project charter and plan; secure resources for the project; confirm the project’s goals and objectives; keep abreast of major project activities; make decisions on escalated issues; and assist in the resolution of roadblocks.
Name Email
John Barber (homeowner)
Project Manager: Leads in the planning and development of the project; manages the project to scope. Responsibilities include: develop the project plan; identify project deliverables; identify risks and develop risk management plan; direct the project resources (team members); scope control and change management; oversee quality assurance of the project management process; maintain all documentation including the project plan; report and forecast project status; resolve conflicts within the project or between cross-functional teams; ensure that the project’s product meets the business objectives; and communicate project status to stakeholders.
Name Email / Phone
Student Name Email/Phone

Team Members: Work toward the deliverables of the project. Responsibilities include: understand the work to be completed; complete research, data gathering, analysis, and documentation as outlined in the project plan; inform the project manager of issues, scope changes, and risk and quality concerns; proactively communicate status; and manage expectations.
Name Email / Phone
John Grady (Grady’s Contracting) (SPOC)
Tina Herring (Lowe’s Design)
Bill’s Electrical (electrical contractor)
Cecil Lakota – Lamtech (countertop installer)
Success Measurements
• Complete all requirements according to final inspection checklist
• Complete project under the budget constraint of $25,000
• Complete project within a 30-day time frame

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