Chapter 5 Moisture Susceptibility Tests Report

I Need Excellent writing of Part of My Masters Thesis(Civil engineer-Pavement material) the work should be top notch, best work needed please

note keenly read through the instruction before you bid

I would like you to write the last chapter of my thesis

This chapter is describing three different lab test with their results.

I already put the figures of the results and they are 13 page the number of pages should be more

I would like to make a description for the test, its purpose and its procedures.

and then the results you will find graphs describing the results so I would like to describe the differences between the three materials (HF, SC,QPR) and what does it mean.

The three tests are moisture susceptibility, dynamic modulus and wheel tracker. I will send you some references and other chapters

Also I would like you to write the conclusion chapter as I will send you all the chapters

I would like to have 10 paragraphs in the conclusion. paragraph for each test and those following points before them. I would like to have it in 5 pages

1. that those tests are done for three materials in order to know the characteristics of the materials available in Winnipeg and used by MI and city of Winnipeg

2.To have a complete test program that can be used as a quality control before using materials in pothole repair

3.Also to predict the failure modal

all writings single spaced and font 10

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