Chapter 2 (Module 3) Assignment/

Chapter 2 (Module 3) Assignment/


Select a SPECIFIC topic of interest that ties into your potential career path (i.e. career: sports conditioning coach, topic: female athletes and ACL injuries; career: nutritionist, topic: carbohydrate loading; career: sport psychology, topic: exercise adherence)

Then respond to the following:

1.) State the topic.

2.) Use one of the databases on the CSM off-campus library access website below (Also SEE exhibit 2.9, page 31 of textbook) to find a peer-reviewed article (scholarly article) that discusses your topic of choice.…

3.) Give a reference for your selected article using APA formatting.…

4.) What are the author’s credentials? This is one of the criterion for identifying a peer-reviewed article. Credentials can sometimes support an authors’ credibility. Scholarly journals often indicate an author’s affiliation. Try Googling the author to find out more about him/her.

5.) What is the purpose of the research article, what is the article trying to prove?

6.) What methods/assessments were used to conduct the study discussed in the research article?

7.) What were the findings from, or the results of the study discussed in the research article?

ECN-1200-144449 – Introduction to Economics

Compose your 50 word summary of Chapter 7 of naked economics using Word (12 pt. font, double-spaced text

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