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As you are reading/researching, be sure to visit the websites of
• The International Society for Performance Improvement
• The Association for Talent Development
• Visit a third professional organization of your choice, as well. (Perform a web search of your preferred field and see what professional organizations may exist.)

The paper should include:
• A discussion of professional organizations and their views on organizational change (from your research of the 3 professional organizations).
• The advantages and disadvantages to the rational approach to organizational change (based on research).
• The advantages and disadvantages to the emotional approach to organizational change (based on research).
• Finally, recommendations for how to most effectively combine the rational and emotional approaches to organizational change.

In addition to a formal introduction and conclusion, the paper should use APA style format, including headings, in-text citations, sources, reference page, etc. Be sure to use a minimum of three sources from your research. The paper should be 4-5 pages in length, not counting the reference page.

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