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Read: cases analysis for module 2
Quelch, J. A. & Laidler-Kylander, N. (2006). The New Global Brands: Managing Nongovernment Organizations in the 21st Century. Mason, OH: South-Western College Pub.
Case of Oxfam (18 pages pdf)
Oxfam is an INGO that addresses global hunger and poverty issues. The organization has a clear focus on “rights-based development.” It involves in a broad range of advocacy activities related to its key mission. Based on the case “Oxfam America in 2002”, I’d like you to discuss up to three of the following questions:
1.What were the main challenges Oxfam was facing around 2002 and how did the organization address these challenges?
2.Oxfam launched the “Make Trade Fair” campaign in 2002. What do you know about fair trade and do you think it would be effective in reducing poverty?
3.Please peruse Oxfam’s website ( (Links to an external site.)) and discuss what programs they have now and what strategies/approaches they use to address poverty issue.
This discussion requires two posts, an initial post and a response post. 100 words for the response post.
600-750 words total
As a general guideline, initial posts should be well-developed, use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Response posts should be substantive and move the discussion forward. This is your opportunity to discuss the information further with your classmates or to discuss whether you agree or disagree and state why or why not. Keep your comments professional.
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