capstone proposal approval and literature review part 1 annotated bibliography

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The two topics I have chosen are “Behavior Problems & Parent Engaging” and the 2nd Topic is “Classroom Sizes”

Assignment Part A:

Reach agreement with your capstone mentor on a capstone topic.

Due Week 1 By Mid-Week

CAP 499- Capstone Topic Proposal

In a 600 word proposal, discuss the following prompts. Be very through and detailed so that you instructor has ample information to help you pick the best choice of a topic that has viability for investigation. You should use at least two (2) references to support your choices of topics and use APA writing style to format your proposal. You can use these references as two of the ones listed in the second half of this assignment, your Annotated Bibliography.

  1. What educational problem(s)are you trying to solve?
  2. What two topics would you like to investigateduring your capstone study? (You will only be approved for one topic, but by providing two topics this allows your instructor to guide you in the direction of the topic that best fits the nature of this course.). Avoid overly general topic (like reading comprehension) and focus on a more specific area (like what strategies are best for improving reading comprehension in third grade science class).
  3. Why are you interestedin this topic personally?
  4. What academic valuedo your topics have? Why are these two topics important to the field of education? What is the current state of affairs in education that justifies the selection of these topics? Who will benefit from your project conclusions and discoveries? Address each topic separately in your proposal.
  5. Whowill need to be involved from the educational setting? Who will assist you in better understanding and formulating a solution to the educational problem that you see to investigate? Be very specific. Begin approaching those individuals now so that you can gain access to them as a resource during the implementation of your capstone project.
  6. What are you expectations and goalsfor the capstone? What do you hope to achieve and gain from this experience?

Note– You will receive both a grade and feedback on you Capstone Topic Proposal. You will need to make adjustments based on your instructor for this course. You may be asked to resubmit your refined proposal before your topic is approved by the course instructor.

Assignment Part B:

CAP 499- Literature Review- Part 1: Annotated Bibliography

Due Week 1 By end of Week

For this step of your capstone project, you will need to complete an annotated bibliography related to your APPROVED TOPIC from your instructor. Please refer to this link to learn more about the purpose and contents of the annotated bibliography: Be sure to complete all three components of the annotated bibliography (summarize, assess, reflect). Your annotated bibliography should include 9-12 sources/references and should follow APA writing style.


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