campaign finance laws in the United States

campaign finance laws in the United States

nstructions: Choose ONE of the following prompts and write a 5 page paper on that subject. The prompts provided are broad and can be addressed in several ways. Therefore, I am not looking for a right or wrong answer to the question but rather for you to think critically about the American political party system. Each question is multi-faceted which means that students have the opportunity to write in both an expository and a persuasive manner. While I encourage you to incorporate current events and your own perspective into the paper, note that this should not be a pure opinion piece. Demonstrate that you’ve learned from this class by clearly referencing theories, concepts, and examples from the required readings. Remember to cite all sources, including those within the syllabus. Paper formatting should be in the standard 12 point Times New Roman font, doublespaced, with normal margins. You may use any citation format (e.g., MLA, APA style). 


Describe campaign finance laws in the United States (Module 11). What factors (historical, political, social) were most influential in shaping the current set of regulations? Explain your position and provide relevant examples. Recent legislation has opened the gates for private donations, rather than taxpayer money, to finance presidential nominating conventions (Module 10). Weigh the pros and cons of this change. Who benefits most from nominating conventions: the parties, mass media, or the people? Explain your reasoning. Do PACs and Super PACs (i.e., independent expenditure committees) from special interest groups (Module 13) undermine the ideals of a representative democracy or are they instead a shining example of it? Supply current examples to back up your claims. What reforms of campaign finance laws, if any, do you anticipate in the future?

Use sources that I provide only!!!!!!!1

Module 11 sources

Module 10 

PDF – Panagopoloulos Presidential nominating conventions

Module 13

A History of Interest Groups and Political Parties in American Politics

PDF – The Tea Party as an Interest Movement

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