Business Research Project ( E-Marketing )

Business Research Project ( E-Marketing )

” Specialists in this field only “

– I have the business research project ( E-marketing ) its’ ready but need to add some shortcomings

There are several comments by the professor, I hope you read it well and then do the necessary action. The comment as the following :-

Hi Abdullah,

Ok, why have a reserve list for companies? It should be clear before starting your data collection what it is you actually want to do/achieve with your research. Bringing in different companies would probably require to change the research focus and is thus not advisable.

You say you want to interview 7-10 participants, so what is the focus of the interviews? Which research gap do you intend to fill? So you have to be aware that your methodology needs to be aligned with your literature review (and of course the conceptual framework). You have to keep this in mind when preparing the interviews as you will only be able to collect data once for the project.

So before finalising your research questions and objectives and choice of key variables you have to be very clear on who you work with for the methodology section as this shapes your research overall (including variables, gap, justification, etc). I hope that makes sense.

Before starting the research project you have to be sure that you can get the data from the company you want to work with. The whole research focus would change in case other companies have to be interviewed and thus this is not possible. Please make sure that your chosen company will work with you for the project. I hope this makes sense.

Kind Regards,



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