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Hello, I  would like you to write about a a partnership business organisation for a law business pitch. this will not be as a typical business pitch (it’s a way easier version). and you need to mention. i will be uploading a document with a part of my law course. Just click command f and type in partnership and you will find everything related. It is very important that is is focussed on the notes.

on the first page write about (don’t overcomplicate it)

* what is the type of business organisation (a general partnership)
* Who are the owners , and what are their respective levels of ownership (5 owners 20% each)
* Who are the decision makers, and how do they make decisions (be creative)
* What is the process of transferring ownership (once again be creative but keep in mind it is a general partnership)
* What is the process of transferring decision making power (once again be creative but keep in mind it is a general partnership)

and on the second page (more complicated part)

* make a document regarding the organisational formation ( the certificate of incorporation, certificate of registration, articles of incorporation, certificate of formation, certificate of partnership, partnership agreement or equivalent document establishing such Person’s legal existence.)

* and governing documents (Governing Documents of a limited partnership are its limited partnership agreement and certificate of limited partnership and the Governing Documents of a limited liability company are its operating agreement and certificate of formation.)

please let me know if you need more writing for the second part, and i’ll make an additional order. It is especially important for the second part to not overcomplicate it. Just be straight to the point


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