Business……due today in 7 hours…….please read

Business……due today in 7 hours…….please read

This assignment is due in 7 hours……..if you acecept to do you will have done in 7 hours……

Do the following:   Use the website link below to select 3 companies

select three companies from this list and visit their websites. Research their diversity programs and write an essay (500 words minimum, excluding any reference list) describing the companies you selected and their diversity initiatives. You should include the following in your essay:

1. Why did you choose these companies? For example, do you choose them because of their product, service, or marketing?

2. Describe your chosen companies’ diversity programs. How do they create a diverse company? Is there anything unique about their initiatives, perhaps an interesting training program, scholarships, or community involvement?

3. Why diversity is important to them? Can other companies (in or not in the list) learn from them to promote more diversity?

Your writing should be clear, concise, complete and original. Use proper citation if you want to cite other people’s work.

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