BUS520 Addressing Low Productivity in Rivian Automotive Inc

BUS 520 SU Addressing Low Productivity in Rivian Automotive Inc DiscussionDescriptionLeaders address issues and propose solutions. As a leader, you’ll need to stay on top of events that may facilitate or hinder productivity. You must create and implement solutions to address these issues.You will choose an organization, describe its organizational issue, and identify how it hinders organization efficiency. This assignment exposes you to complex modern organizational challenges. The solutions you devise should reflect your learning and research of organizational and individual influences in the workplace.InstructionsThe new CEO has selected your consulting firm to provide an analysis of the organizational efficiency.Write a 2–3 page, double-spaced paper in which you will present to the CEO your findings during your research steps. You must propose strategic solutions in your paper to include the following:Describe the organization and the organizational issue that adversely affected productivity you propose to review and resolve.Use the description and feedback from the instructor in the Week 3 Assignment.Analyze the organization’s culture and how it has contributed to the identified issue.Hint: Review the mission and vision statement as well as the corporate Web site for information.Describe how the current corporate culture facilitated the development of the current issue.Identify the organization’s areas of weakness as they relate to the issue.To help identify the areas of weakness apply your research on organizational behavior approaches to aspects of corporate culture—such as diversity, teamwork, and motivational strategies.Develop recommendations for management that include the organizational practice modifications you would use to solve identified weaknesses and issues.
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