BSC 1005 UCF How did the bicycle end up in that exact location?

Basically a claim, evidence, reasoning.

Claim: [one to two sentence explaining the bike in the tree]

Evidence: [2 to 3 items that support your claim]

Reason: [Small paragraph 3-4 sentences max- justifying your claim and evidence]

Question 2:

Photo Selected:

Claim: [short statement regarding what property of water is observed in photo]

Model: [drawing to be submitted in person as hardcopy]

Evidence: [4 items that support your claim]

  • (Source of evidence)
  • (Source of evidence)
  • (Source of evidence)
  • (Source of evidence)

Reason: [Paragraph 4-6 sentences that explain what is happening in model, how your evidence supports this model, an explanation of how it works and is related to the property of water.]

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